Pedro Martinez: University of Indianapolis RHP


I attended the January 2015 camp in Arizona. I came in raw with little to no coaching done on me. As a sidearm/submarine guy the only coaching that was available was the Internet, by watching major leaguers or finding anything that will teach you further. I was ambitious and tried anything and one day I get a message from Geoff inviting me to a camp 2000 miles away. I manage to convince my parents in doing the camp and I arrive at a complex with 12 other strangers not sure what to expect. The next two days, I would learn more about the art of sidearm pitching than any online resources could ever teach me. The camp attacks the two key parts to pitching which are mental and physical. My mechanics improved from a primarily overhand style mechanics to a more efficient hybrid submarine pitcher. Another hurdle I've always had to overcome that the camp helped with was finding the right grip for any pitch. I was able to perfect a frisbee slider and a change up that put me in the next level. They will also work on making you a stronger pitcher with exercises designed to improve a sidearm pitcher. Most drills I've done over the years with pitching coaches target over the top throwers and thus I wasn't able to do them. With the knowledge I learned at the camp I can work on my specific drill instead of a drill that will not benefit me. The mental aspect does wonders for any sidearm pitcher. Growing up kids are taught how to pitch overhand only and the mental aspect of either blowing it past kids or being a finesse pitcher. They teach you at the camp the right way to think on the mound and off of it. Nothing beats the feeling of taking the mound and knowing that you can compete against any hitter. The cherry on top of the whole camp is the staff that is willing to work with you after the camp is over and the knowledge they will gladly share. Having major leaguers to ex pro guys to go and ask questions can't be found anywhere else. I came into the camp as a juco guy not knowing where I was going to end up or if I was even going to play after juco but thanks to Geoff he got me in contact with some schools and I found the place that suited me best at a high D2. The community of sidearm/submarine pitchers is extremely small but the guys at the camp will make you feel that it's a privilege to be a special guy.